Pamela Ellen Ferguson


Free yourself from pain - with the ancient healing art of Shiatsu. This simple, self-help guide can be used at home, at your office, in flight, in gyms or after sports, to help ease daily aches and pains, ranging from headaches, allergies, sinus congestion, eye strain, and backpain. Special sections address computer-related stress, jetlag, and muscle-strain. Women's Health chapters include menstrual pain, pregnancy and labor, breast health, and menopause. Family Shiatsu chapters detail innovative techniques for Children and Seniors.

Selected Works

Children's Fiction
PJ Picklelime is an adventurous little bird whisperer who seeks answers to the mysteries of life in the gardens and treehouses of neighbors of all ages.
Q&A Conversations with 26 global teachers of Asian and Integrative Medicine
Asian Medicine
Practical, Easy Techniques for Pain Relief
A colorfully illustrated guide on the five elements for teachers, students, and patients.
One of the first novels to expose the manipulative business practices of the tobacco industry.
The American Dream/American Nightmare story of a Greek American Liquor dynasty
Historic and Modern study of the Israel-Palestine conflict
Interior Designs to suit all tastes and styles
Political Thriller
A story of oil, counter-intelligence and the corruption of power in the Middle East
A diamond heist involving the Vatican during the Montreal Olympic Games

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