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Austin based architect "Buzzy" McBride is thrown into a sleuth role when her converted railyard home on the banks of Lady Bird Lake becomes a grisly crime scene. Fearing an innocent youth was mistaken for her nephew and butchered as revenge for an investigative report her late brother TV personality Hugh McBride produced about Mexican cartels - Buzzy races to the Border to locate ner nephew Rory.  Buzzy's relentless quest unravels a web of family secrets in a West Texas-Mexico land dispute rooted in the Spanish colonial era.



Life in PJ Pickelime's village is always a little out of the ordinary... just like PJ herself. There's the day Lemon Pie, a yellow warbler, comes to live in her bushy crop of black hair, and the morning PJ cuts her hair to help mop up an oil spill. There's the afternoon she makes sweet, memory-filled lemonade that draws people from blocks away, and the night she chats with owls in a barn full of honey. But PJ's spring is not all roses and rainbows, and sometimes unexpected events are too real.

SAND TO SKY: Conversations with Teachers of Asian Medicine co-edited/co-authored with Debra Duncan Persinger PhD

Co-created and co-edited with Debra Duncan Persinger PhD,


Written by teachers for teachers, SAND TO SKY provides practical and experiential insights to challenge tradition and to focus on creative and diverse approaches to education. For anyone interested in Complementary Medicine, these texts offer a lively Q&A format to highlight the personalities and methodologies of international teachers of Acupuncture, Asian Bodywork Therapy, Chinese Herbs, Biomedicine, therapist/patient interaction skills, and the psychosocial aspects of clinical training.

The Self-Shiatsu Handbook


Free yourself from pain - with the ancient healing art of Shiatsu. This simple, self-help guide can be used at home, at your office, in flight, in gyms or after sports, to help ease daily aches and pains, ranging from headaches, allergies, sinus congestion, eye strain, and backpain. Special sections address computer-related stress, jetlag, and muscle-strain. Women's Health chapters include menstrual pain, pregnancy and labor, breast health, and menopause. Family Shiatsu chapters detail innovative techniques for Children and Seniors.

TAKE FIVE: The Five Elements Guide to Health and Harmony


TAKE FIVE helps you tap the roots of an ancient diagnostic system of medical philosopy, known as the Law of the Five Elements, based on Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and their respective seasons Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The system gives a view of the human being as a microcosm of the universe and is at the heart of our Western training in different forms of Asian Medicine.



Before Atheneum published DOMINION in the late l970s, several publishers dismissed it as "unbelievable", because it included the sort of wrongful death suit against a tobacco company, that reads like today's media headlines. DOMINION is based on the author's intensive investigative reporting for business journals in London on the industry's illegal marketing practices, and also reflects the warring sides of a wealthy tobacco dynasty spanning the USA and Britain.



Bootblack to bootlegger to billionaire, patriarch Dmitri Mitsidis is never far from his humble origins as a boy off the Greek island of Skyros who ended up on the streets of New York. After surviving a padrone's cruelty, and teaching himself how to read English by begging the men whose boots he shone to teach him new words, Mitsidis saw his chance during Prohibition. Through a family network of Rum Runners and distributors spanning several continents, he created a huge liquor conglomerate after Repeal. But he paid the price in heartbreak, sacrificing those dearest to him in episodes of betrayal and bloodshed. Greek Americans continue to praise Pam Ferguson for writing "their stories".



THE PALESTINE PROBLEM was going to press when the Holy Day War broke out on October 6 1973 on the Jewish Day of Atonement and during the Moslem Feast of Ramadan. The war - bloodier than that of 1948, 1956 or 1967 - was the outcome of over six years of crises hallmarked by the inability of those involved to negotiate a peace settlement. In a quest to research the human side of the conflict, the author traveled Israel, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, seeking interviews with people on all sides, in government, outlawed political movements, the media, universities, refugee camps, homes in exile, and in trenches during civil war.



A beautifully illustrated volume filled with elegant and functional ideas for interiors ranging from minimalism to asian exotic, and from lavishly ornamental, to adaptive re-use of barns, mills, factories and chapels into innovative space for living and work. Examples span Europe and the USA, and the transformation of tiny and huge spaces to reflect the personality, lifestyle and work needs of imaginative owners.



: Why did an Italian oil executive die violently in a Tel Aviv street after achieving his life's ambition?

: How does a depraved Greek Orthodox bishop exploit the political conflict of power-hungry organisations?

: How does a North African "mafia" blackmail an oil chief?

: What is the secret of Sinai? The answers are in THE PIPEDREAM, based on the author's reporting and exploration of all sides of the Middle East conflicts between and during wars.



Fact: Security for the Montreal Olympics is the toughest, most costly and most comprehensive ever.

Fiction: It is not sufficient...

Fact: There is an international chain of brothels posing as health and leisure centres.

Fiction: The Syndicate wants a piece of the action...

Fact: The Olympic Games provide a tailor-made opportunity for assassination.

Fiction: a top Middle East politician is mingling with the crowds...

Fact: Priests act as couriers transferring Vatican jewels around the world.

Fiction: a Theft is planned in Montreal...

Fact: Thousands of people pour into the Olympic city for the games.

Fiction: One of them is a killer...